Our service

Parts Sourcing

We invest heavily in ensuring that whatever business aircraft parts you need, no matter what type of aircraft you operate, stock is available around the clock for immediate despatch. However, there may be times when your required part is not held in stock. Should this be the case we will source the part through our network of international suppliers and FBO's many of which do not advertise their parts for sale. We will only offer parts with realistic deliveries from our own QA approved suppliers list that have proved themselves to be both reliable and cost effective.

This service has proved to be invaluable to those customers who do not have a dedicated purchasing office or where buyers prefer to have a 'one stop shop' option. Our ability to source virtually all parts quickly saves you both time and money.

Aircraft and Surplus Inventory Purchasing

Our parts inventory is huge but that does not prevent us from investing in more stock. We are always interested in bidding for your surplus or redundant inventory. We will consider any parts you may have, no matter what condition they are in, providing they carry full traceability. We can pay cash or by credit to your existing credit account if required. You may also want to consider using your slower moving parts as payment for inventory that is more productive.

We also have experience of purchasing end of life aircraft. This process involves retaining any useful rotable components for overhaul whilst environmentally disposing of the airframe off site. Should you have an aircraft that is too old, or costly to operate, we would be interested in facilitating its disposal.

Please contact us if you have any parts or complete aircraft for sale.

Consignment Inventories

  • Our parts

For our larger FBO customers we can offer a tailored consignment stock of the parts that they use frequently. This means that the parts are already on the shelf ready thereby making savings on both time and transport costs. As all consignments inventories are bespoke please contact our sales team for further details.

  • Your parts

You may have inventory that you do not move frequently but do want to maximise on its value. Allaero have the means to segregate, store, manage and market your inventory and give you reports as to sales made to date. Allaero's marketing and exposure to the industry search engines will mean that you can maximise on your investment return. Please contact our sales team for further details.